Coalition urged to reconsider 'cuts across the board' - 7 November 2013

Media Release

7 November 2013


Labor's Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh, says he is alarmed by the skewed priorities of the Abbott Government that slug the poor and favour the rich.

Assistant Treasurer, Arthur Sinodinos, said today "We need cuts across the board that reflect our policy priorities and by that I mean more focus on infrastructure spending as opposed to recurrent spending."

"So far cuts across the board has meant abandoning a tax break for low-income superannuants, cutting the School Kids bonus, reducing income support and slashing jobs in the public service,” said Dr Leigh.

“But cuts across the board exempts mining billionaires, millionaire parents and tax breaks for those with more than $2 million in their superannuation accounts.

"Labor does not object to governments doing a stock take. What we do have a problem with is the values and priorities of the Abbott Government which indicate that it is comfortable with taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

"As the saying goes, if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. The only ones on the Coalition chopping board are low and middle Australia," Dr Leigh said.

"Prime Minister Abbott said on taking office that he will not let down ‘the forgotten families of Australia’. But he seems to have forgotten that they will bear the brunt of the government’s cuts across the board.

"The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer must know that their policies will lead to greater inequality. I urge the Abbott Government to rethink their cuts across the board."

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