Media Release - Andrew Leigh welcomes appointment as Shadow Assistant Treasurer & Shadow Minister for Competition


Andrew Leigh

Shadow Assistant Treasurer
Shadow Minister for Competition
Member for Fraser


I am delighted with the opportunity to serve in the Opposition’s economic team as Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Competition.

I thank my colleagues for giving me the chance to serve in the Shadow Ministry, and thank Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for entrusting me with this role.

Labor has a proud economic record. We saved Australia from recession, built vital infrastructure projects and invested in a better education system. With the carbon price package, we switched the tax mix: lowering the tax burden on work and increasing it on pollution. Inflation stayed low, and we maintained the open-economy settings that have helped raise prosperity.

The work of improving productivity and boosting innovation is vital in raising living standards for all Australians. And the ethos of the fair go demands policies that narrow the gap, rather than perpetuate inequality.

Over the next three years, I will be enthusiastically engaging with the business community, the social sector, the union movement, and my former colleagues in academia.

I particularly look forward to working with the other members of our economic team, including Chris Bowen, Tony Burke, Ed Husic and Bernie Ripoll.


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