Pledge to support quality child care, call for Opposition to follow - 12 August, 2013

Here's my campaign media release issued today, pledging support for quality child care and early learning for the long haul:
Federal Labor MP for Fraser, Dr Andrew Leigh, was welcomed at a Braddon early learning centre today to sign a pledge committing to the work of the National Quality Framework (NQF) for childcare and early childhood education.

He used the opportunity to challenge the Federal Opposition to do the same.

“Labor’s record in child care is a proud one. Since 2007 we have raised the child care rebate to 50%, provided for better training and pay for workers and improved standards in centres with smaller child to carer ratios.  I urge my opposition counterpart to sign the NQF pledge also.”

The NQF started in 2012 and covers most long day care, family day care, preschool and outside school hours services. It aims, with reforms being phased in before 2020, to raise quality and drive continuous improvement.

“Labor is committed to supporting a higher qualified workforce and ensuring quality education and care is delivered while maintaining affordability for parents,” said Dr. Leigh.

“We know how important a child’s early years are. We want to attract and retain the best people to child care and early learning for all of the community’s benefit.”

The NQF pledge supports a Community Child Care Co-operative campaign for quality child care and education.

Acting Director at the Goodstart Early Learning Centre at Braddon, Jessica Dakin, was delighted the local member took up her invitation to visit the centre and commit to future support.

“It was great to have Andrew come and pledge his on-going support for the NQF reforms,” said Ms Dakin. “The children also enjoyed chatting with him.”

“Goodstart is committed to quality education and care for each child and is fully supportive of the reforms, and at Braddon we are always looking for opportunities to connect and share with our local community.”

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