Joe Hockey's Golden Rule


Joe Hockey's Golden Rule

Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, this morning used Channel 7’s Sunrise program to gloat about the fact that Liberal governments drive down house prices in the ACT.

“Joe Hockey: There is a golden rule for real estate in Canberra. You buy Liberal and you sell Labor. Think about it.” Sunrise, 31 May 2013

Joe Hockey has said that he would cut 20,000 public servants from Canberra, 12,000 in the first two years alone.

These promises are eerily similar to what happened when the Liberals were last in government.

Despite promising only modest cuts to public service job numbers before the election, the Howard government slashed tens of thousands of public service jobs in 1996 and 1997.

The flow-on effects of these cuts to Canberra’s economy were devastating. Research shows that they resulted in $25,000 being cut from the price of the average Canberra house.

Today, Joe Hockey proudly jokes about how the same thing will occur should the Liberals win in September.

The Liberals' contempt for Canberra is breathtaking. It’s not enough that the Liberals are planning devastating cuts to Canberra’s economy that will have crippling effects on households, they’re laughing about it too.

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