Federal Budget will mean a stronger, smarter and fairer Canberra


Federal Budget will mean a stronger, smarter and fairer Canberra

Initiatives outlined in Wayne Swan’s sixth Budget will mean a stronger, smarter and fairer Canberra.

While Canberra is small compared to other Australian states and territories, initiatives outlined in this Budget demonstrate the special role Canberra plays as a city of culture, learning, and a provider of important services to the whole country.

The Budget also captures the relationship forged with the ACT Labor Government on important reforms such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme, now called DisabilityCare Australia.

This Budget delivers a range of initiatives that map a path back to surplus. The initiatives outlined in this Budget are offset by responsible savings ensuring that the cost of nation building programs such as DisabilityCare Australia and the National Plan for School Improvement are shared across the whole community.

Canberra will be able to share in over $690 million in additions and amendments to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and $29.6 million for support in the dispensing of chemotherapy medicines.

$96.7 million will be made available to increase the number of Commonwealth Support Places in sub-bachelor and post-graduate level studies.

Labor’s historic Paid Parental Leave Scheme will also be improved as a result of this Budget to make it easier for working mothers with children born close together to qualify for Paid Parental Leave for subsequent children.

This Budget prioritises Australian jobs and growth by taking responsible decisions. This directly contrasts with Tony Abbott’s arbitrary measures which will cut Canberra to the bone.

Tony Abbott has promised that should he get elected in September, at least 20,000 Canberra jobs and the local businesses that rely on them stand to be wiped out, to pay for promises like Mr Abbott’s tax cuts for big miners and big polluters.

The reality could be worse still. After the 1996 election, John Howard sacked ten times as many public servants as he had promised before the election.

With a self-confessed $70 billion black hole, Senator Lundy and members Gai Brodtmann and Andrew Leigh call on Tony Abbott to outline what cuts he will make to Canberra in order to fund his promises.

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