ANU to receive $3 million endowment to establish Tax Studies Institute


ANU to receive $3 million endowment to establish Tax Studies Institute

Dr Andrew Leigh, Federal Member for Fraser and former professor at the Australian National University has welcomed the establishment of the Tax Studies Institute (TSI) at the ANU.

As part of last night’s Budget, the Labor Government will provide a $3 million endowment to establish the TSI with ANU providing additional support and funding worth $750,000 each year plus $500,000 upfront.

With plans to establish the Institute in 2013, the TSI will help raise the quality of national debate on tax reform and the awareness of taxation policy issues.

The TSI will be a centre of excellence which will collaborate with academics and institutions across Australia and overseas. A new Chair in tax policy, to be taken up by an internationally renowned tax and public finance expert, will direct the new institute.

Member for Fraser, Dr Andrew Leigh said that continuing the national debate on ways to reform our tax and transfer system will help position Australia for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

“Labor has delivered a budget that will make Australia a stronger, smarter and fairer country,” said Dr Leigh.

“It’s very fitting that the Tax Studies Institute be placed at the Australian National University given the reasons why ANU came into being in the first place,

“The Crawford School is fast gaining an excellent reputation not only in Australia, but in our region too. It’s fantastic to see an Institute that will play such an important role in future policy housed in one of Australia’s most prestigious and fast growing schools,” said Dr Leigh.

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