Canberra Cavalry

I spoke in parliament today about the Canberra Cavalry, and argued that mine is the sportiest electorate in Australia.
Canberra Cavalry, 14 February 2013

On Saturday night the Canberra Cavalry blasted Perth Heat out of the park to win the title of Australian Baseball League champions. Baseball may be a game that is played on the southside, but it is a game close to my heart. As somebody who enjoys numbers and sport and also the enthusiasm with which the sport is played, it is great to see a Canberra team coming out on top. In particular I pay tribute to Canberra's first baseman, Aaron Sloan, who was named MVP of the season, hitting .625 and scoring three runs of the weekend. Canberra Cavalry are building a local fan base.

They are a team of which I am proud in a city where sport is played as well as anywhere in Australia. In fact, I would put my electorate of Fraser up against the sporting prowess of any other electorate in this place. We are assisted slightly by the fact that we have the Australian Institute of Sport; nonetheless, we have great teams like the Brumbies and the Raiders and now the Canberra Cavalry showing the way and showing that Canberra is not just the political capital, the bush capital, but also the sporting capital of Australia.

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