Helping local government become energy efficient

The Gillard Government continues to invest in clean energy communities. A new grant program for local government is now open to help local communities reduce their energy use.

Andrew Leigh MP
Member for Fraser

Gai Brodtmann MP
Member for Canberra


Andrew Leigh MP, Federal Member for Fraser, and Gai Brodtmann MP, Federal Member for Canberra, today welcomed the opening of the Gillard Labor Government’s Local Government Energy Efficiency Program, which will help local government to cut costs in community facilities.

The $24 million Local Government Energy Efficiency Program provides support to local governments across Australia to install low pollution, clean energy solar and heat pump hot water systems to drive smarter energy use.

“These grants not only help the ACT Government to save money but also to cut pollution by improving energy efficiency,” said Dr Leigh.

“It’s a great example of the price on carbon pollution doing exactly what it was intended to do – investing money in communities to save money and cut pollution,” said Dr Leigh.

Gai Brodtmann encouraged the ACT Government to apply for a grant.

“Saving on energy costs leaves more money to re-invest in community projects and this grant will strengthen the Canberra economy,” said Ms Brodtmann.

“The Federal government is committed to working with the ACT Government to promote better energy efficiency because it saves money, cuts pollution and improves our living standards at home and in the community,” said Ms Brodtmann.

The guidelines and application forms for LGEEP are now available. To find out more about the package of energy efficiency programs visit:

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