Tralee development will hurt Canberra's economy

Disappointing to see the NSW Government burying the announcement of the Tralee Development approval on Melbourne Cup day.

Senator the Hon Kate Lundy

Senator for the ACT

Andrew Leigh MP

Member for Fraser

Gai Brodtmann MP

Member for Canberra

6 November 2012


The decision by the O’Farrell Government to approve the Tralee Development on the border of NSW and the ACT is a short-sighted decision that could hurt Canberra’s economy in the long term. Federal Labor Representatives have consistently opposed the development as it against Canberra’s interests.

Planning approval for the development is contrary to every single independent assessment of the development, which recommended that the development not go ahead.

The new development will be situated under flight paths and compromises the ability of Canberra Airport to provide additional services in and out of the national capital. It also has the potential to redirect existing flight paths over long-standing residential areas of Canberra.

This will have a long-term impact on Canberra’s economy as it has the potential to reduce the amount of business and tourist travel to and from Canberra.

With Premier Barry O’Farrell calling for Canberra Airport to be Sydney’s second airport, this decision completely undermines those statements. Given the NSW Planning Minister has said no homes will be built under flight paths, we call on the New South Wales Government to give a public commitment that they will not stand in the way of future development at Canberra Airport and will not seek to divert future flight paths over Canberra.

We remain opposed to the development and will continue to advocate for planning decisions that take into account the need to balance the economic and social interests of Canberra and the broader region.

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