Laying NBN cables in Gungahlin

I was delighted today to join Senator Kate Lundy at the laying of a distribution fibre cable in Palmerston -- bringing the National Broadband Network to the heart of Gungahlin.

Our joint media release is below.


Senator Kate Lundy
Senator for the ACT

Andrew Leigh MP
Federal Member for Fraser

4 October 2012

NBN rollout picks up speed in Gungahlin

Senator for the ACT Kate Lundy and Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh MP today welcomed construction activity connecting Gungahlin residents to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Construction crew will rollout the first NBN fibre optic cable today to link homes and business in Gungahlin to the NBN.

Senator Lundy said the NBN will deliver fast, affordable, and reliable broadband to over 15 000 Canberra homes and businesses, including 2 700 in Gungahlin.

“The roll out of fibre in Gungahlin means homes and businesses are one step closer to connecting to the NBN and accessing services and other benefits,” Senator Lundy said.

“The NBN will not only provide a massive boost to internet speeds, it will provide a huge boost to our local community.”

Senator Lundy said with the fibre hauling commencing today, NBN Co forecast that construction activity should be complete in the central business district of Gungahlin as well as nearby suburbs by the end of the year allowing homes and businesses to connect shortly afterwards.

The Gillard Government has provided over $1 million to Gungahlin Library through the ACT Government to ensure local individuals and businesses can access training opportunities and connect with local services using the NBN in publicly available facilities.

"I'm particularly excited about the opportunities the NBN opens up in education," said Dr Leigh.

"With super fast broadband, students will be able to video link with schools overseas and share classroom experiences to learn other languages in real time. Guest lecturers can present to a university class through a feed from another country and take questions from students. Rather than today's slightly grainy and patchy quality of services such as Skype, the NBN will mean the quality is similar to watching a DVD.

"There are also enormous economic benefits in increased productivity. Businesses will be able to upload and download enormous files quickly. It means the person running the small production company can email a draft version of an ad, rather than posting a DVD or waiting until a meeting to screen it.

"I call on the Liberals to abandon their tin-can-and-string policy, and support Canberrans getting super-fast broadband."

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