One-stop-shop for Medicare and Centrelink opens next month

From Monday 3 September, Canberrans will be able to access both Medicare and Centrelink services in a single facility on Lonsdale Street, Braddon. The co-location will provide greater convenience, and will offer additional services such as a trial of Case Coordination for more complex job-seeking situations. I'm a big fan of trying new things to see what works in public policy and it's great to see this happening in my own electorate.

Despite a misleading scare campaign, it's clear that with the disabled parking spots out the front, the convenient location to Civic Bus Interchange and bus routes 7, 56 and 58 passing through Braddon, access to important services will still be easy.

More information is available in the media release below, or you can call my office on 6247 4396 or email me at Andrew.Leigh.MP {at} if you have any additional queries.



Minister for Human Services


Member for Fraser7 August 2012


Centrelink and Medicare services will work side-by-side under one roof for the convenience of Canberra residents as of Monday 3 September.

Minister for Human Services Senator Kim Carr and Dr Andrew Leigh announced that Canberra City residents would benefit from easier access to services at the one-stop-shop.

Member for Fraser, Dr Andrew Leigh welcomed the new centre to Braddon.

“Both Medicare and Centrelink services will be available from the Canberra City Service Centre at 13 Lonsdale Street, Monday to Friday,” Dr Leigh said.

“All staff and services currently provided by the Medicare Service Centre at Savings House, 8 Petrie Plaza will relocate to the new one-stop-shop on Lonsdale Street.

“Despite the scare campaign being run by Senator Humphries, the new facility is a benefit for the Canberra community. It will offer additional services such as electronic payment and Case Coordination. The disabled parking spots right out the front and location close to Civic will mean the facility is easily accessible.”

Dr Leigh said the one-stop-shop will offer new electronic payment options for Medicare services, in place of cash benefits.

“People can register their bank details to have their rebate deposited directly to their bank account the next business day. Alternatively they can swipe their debit card to receive their funds immediately,” said Dr Leigh.

“Registering your bank account details is easy and gives you the added option of claiming some benefits online or directly at your local doctor. Staff from the Civic Medicare Service Centre can advise which doctors in your area offer this facility.”

In addition to these services, Senator Kim Carr announced that the Canberra City Service Centre will also be introducing a trial of the Case Coordination program.

“Case Coordination is about finding tailored solutions for people with complex problems which are preventing them from realising their goals and aspirations, such as finding and keeping a job,” Senator Kim Carr said.

“Trained staff spend time one-on-one with people to better understand their circumstances.

“By getting the full picture of a person’s situation, staff can connect them with local community organisations that can provide the best individualised help.

Senator Kim Carr said the Government is expanding the number of locations across Australia where people can access Centrelink and Medicare services in one spot, as well as the number of sites offering the Case Coordination program.

"There are already more than 320 extra sites where both Medicare and Centrelink services can be accessed and there will be many more to come," Senator Kim Carr said.

“The Case Coordination program started in 2011 and is currently running at 20 sites.

“We intend to have 44 sites offering Case Coordination by 2014, so that more people around Australia can access this new way of providing services.”

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