ACT Children’s Services Awards

I spoke in parliament yesterday about the ACT Children's Services Awards.

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ACT Children’s Services Awards 2010
22 November 2010

On the night of 29 October 2010 I had the privilege of joining Joy Burch, the ACT Minister for Children and Young People, Maureen Cane, the CEO of Communities@Work, and Lynne Harwood, CEO of Galilee, for the 2010 Children’s Services Awards night.

The event was a celebration of early and middle childhood educators and the difference which these educators make to the lives of children and families in the Canberra community. Having a one-year-old and a three-year-old who attend day care, I know firsthand the important and inspirational work early childhood workers undertake throughout our community each and every day. They light the spark of creativity and learning in our children; they help open the door to a world full of possibilities.

The awards recognised a number of individuals, as well as organisations, for their hard work in helping children and families. In total, 15 awards were presented on the night and while time does not permit me to name all the worthy recipients, I would like to conclude by mentioning that each nominee was not just supported by their organisation but by the children in their care and the children’s families.

It is clear that each and every award winner and nominee’s work was shaped by the needs of their children. We are lucky to have such excellent people working in the Canberra community to care for our young children.

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