Now Hear This - Friendship

In a somewhat unusual departure from my day job, I joined seven terrifying talented Canberrans last night to tell a story onstage as part of the ABC 666 'Now Hear This' event. The theme for the night was 'friendship'. I'll post a link to the video when it becomes available, but for now, you'll have to make do with the photos (individual, group), and my storytelling bio (over the fold).
Andrew Leigh - Growing up in Aceh

In the past, Andrew has worked as a paper boy, sports instructor, a lawyer, and an economist, and lived variously in Malaysia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Andrew and his wife Gweneth live in Hackett with their two boys, Sebastian and Theodore, who enjoy outdoor soccer, indoor food-throwing and rising before dawn. In 2002, Andrew co-edited a book titled The Prince’s New Clothes: Why Do Australians Dislike Their Politicians?, which carried on its cover a picture of one dog sniffing another dog’s backside. He currently serves in the Australian Parliament.

Thanks to the ABC 666 team - particularly Melanie Tait - for their hard work in putting the night together.

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