ACT Self-Government (again)

Senator Kate Lundy, Gai Brodtmann and I put out a media release yesterday regarding the Territories laws passing through the House

A Good Day for Democracy

Federal Labor representatives for the ACT Senator Kate Lundy, Gai Brodtmann MP and Dr Andrew Leigh MP today welcomed the passage of the Territories Self-Government Legislation Amendment as good for democracy.

The passage of this bill removes the power of the Federal Executive to overturn ACT legislation behind closed doors.

Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann said the passage through the House of Representatives today was a great leap forward for the equality of Canberrans.

“This legislation will mean that Canberrans will now have the rights that are granted to every other Australian. The right for the legislation of their duly elected parliament to be free of veto by executive government” said Ms Brodtmann.

Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh said the bill acknowledges that ACT self-government is well established and has proven successful.

“This is testament to the hard work of successive ACT Governments who established the ACT Legislative Assembly as a mature forum for debate and discussion; the equal of any state government,” said Mr Leigh

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