A Big Day for Climate Change

The House of Representatives today passed the government’s Clean Energy Future package. Under this package, there will for the first time be a price on carbon pollution, starting on 1 July 2012. All revenue from the scheme will go to assist households, help businesses and expand renewables.

Scientists tell us that climate change is real, and economists tell us that the most effective way of tackling it is through a market-based mechanism. Over the past year, I’ve spoken on the science of climate change, the strengths of a market-based mechanism, carbon farming, and the clean energy legislation. I’ve also busted a few myths about pricing carbon. Locally, I’ve run three community forums on climate change, and spoken with many Canberrans at my mobile offices.

The climate change legislation now goes to the Senate, where the government’s previous attempts to put a price on carbon pollution were blocked in 2009 by the Liberal Party, the National Party and the Greens Party. This time, I’m pleased that the Senate looks set to back the plan, and get cracking on making Australia a low-carbon economy. This is good environmental policy, strong employment policy and terrific economic policy.

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