Territory Rights

With Gai Brodtmann and Kate Lundy, I've put out a statement today on the issue of ACT political rights and euthanasia. Full text over the fold.

Territory Rights

Senator for the ACT Kate Lundy, Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann, and Member for Fraser Dr Andrew Leigh reaffirm their strong commitment to the political rights of Territorians.

Senator Bob Brown’s proposal regarding the 1997 Euthanasia Laws Act is an issue where there will obviously be strongly held views on all sides of the debate.

The Labor Party has previously allowed Members of Parliament to express their views on this issue with a conscience vote and if, as a result of these discussions, a conscience vote is called for, there is no reason why Members of Parliament would not be afforded this opportunity again.

As members of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party Senator Kate Lundy, Ms Brodtmann, and Dr Leigh will be urging their federal colleagues not to override the rights of the ACT Legislative Assembly. 

Canberrans should enjoy the same political rights as all other Australians.

Senator Lundy, Ms Brodtmann and Dr Leigh will continue to strongly advocate on behalf of Canberrans.

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