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  • hassan ali
    commented 2023-07-03 17:27:39 +1000
    Dear Mr Leigh Good Job In Nsw
  • Peter Sherman
    commented 2022-01-06 18:46:23 +1100
    Dear Mr Leigh (Andrew),
    I writing to express “Bravo!” accolades for your energetic campaigning to make the federal & state gov’ts. accountable for their decisions.
    Your compelling, incisively-written articles, based on thorough research & investigations of apparent inconsistencies, injustices, maladministration & corruption, are a testimony to your ethics & professionalism. It is very heartening to know that you care so passionately about these issues.
    For our democracy’s sake please continue to chip away at, for example, spinmeister PM Scott Morrison’s arrogant belief that he & his L/NP colleagues can somehow get away with their shameless rorting of the public purse to shore up their election chances.
    Re JobKeeper, which granted Harvey Norman & others with an ABN, automatic eligibility to apply for & receive the allowance despite compelling evidence they were financially well off, & then being able to legally (but not ethically) keep the full amount as a result of the govt’s ‘boneheaded’ decision to not have a ‘claw back’ caveat if these business entities happened to achieve “….record revenue throughout the pandemic…” .
    In Ms Zoe Wundenberg’s article, titled “But Morrison is an honourable man”, (04Jan22 edition of “The Canberra Times”), she wrote, “I am curious as to why Harvey Norman – a furniture, appliance and tech company – is selling RAT kits, and I’m further interested to know why it’s such a great idea to encourage individuals who are concerned they have contracted COVID to enter into a major shopping outlet to purchase RAT kits (that aren’t in stock, mind you). I rather think Harvey Norman has made enough money out of COVID, receiving $22 million in JobKeeper payments (repaying just $6 million) and publishing record revenue throughout the pandemic, don’t you?”.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Gerry Harvey, and other ‘captains of industry’ have donated substantial amounts to the L/NP Coalition, and will continue to do so, as they know that a Labor govt’s policies will be far more equitable & beneficial for the common good of all Australians.
    Re the rorting of JobKeeper, I’m aware of two very-wealthy, retired taxi owners in Canberra who, without any questions being asked about their employment status or financial need for the largesse the gov’t gave them, used it to lavishly renovate their home & to invest in shares & real estate. Simply disgusting, particularly as both owners were receiving a substantial income from their investment properties etc. and one of them was also receiving 2x very generous gov’t pensions.
    Having said that I suspect the underlying reason they decided to do this was out of revenge for the govt’s decision to let free-market forces prevail in the taxi and hire-car sector, as the taxi plates they invested in a few years ago are now practically worthless, causing $400K – $500K to be ‘wiped off’ the value of their taxi business.
    In closing, please keep up the good fight for ethical & practical decision-making in the interests of the common good of all Australians. Our democracy is so vulnerable to being corrupted by the vested interests of those who’ve made significant financial donations to shore up the L/NP Coalition’s chances of being elected this year.
    I recommend that you now listen to the below *song, as the upbeat tune, superb singers’ voices & stirring lyrics are 100% applicable to the good work you & your team has been doing.
    Best wishes for 2022. I hope it is going to be a good year for all of you.
    Warm regards, Peter Sherman, Aranda ACT 2614
    • Celtic Woman – Sing Out – Live at Slane Castle – Bing video .
      “Let your voice be heard….This whole world was meant to be, …..For you as well as me, For humanity,….Sing out, you will be heard”.

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