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I’m doing a monthly shout-out to a champion Canberra charity to put a spotlight on the vital community-building work done by charities. As Shadow Assistant Minister for Charities, I’ve had the opportunity to see the valuable impact of the hard work being done by the sector. But charities are struggling at the moment. They’ve seen a huge drop in donations, and many have had to cancel fundraising events. At the same time, they’re being relied on more than ever. Australians are depending on food banks, mental health counselling, family support services and much more.

Over the past generation, Australia has become disconnected. We’re less likely to join organisations, we have fewer friends, and we’re less engaged in sporting and political groups. Charities can help build a reconnected Australia, and Canberra Charity Champions is a small recognition of the big work being done in our community.

To nominate a Canberra Charity Champion, please drop me an email suggesting a local charity, and explaining (in a few sentences) why their work deserves recognition.

This month's Canberra Charity Champion:

Northside Community Services - May Champion

This month, Canberra Charity Champions is featuring Northside Community Services and the incredible work they’re doing to support vulnerable members of our community. Northside Community Services is a community based organisation that provides support for people with a disability, women’s housing and emergency relief and home support, children’s services and transport and social programs for seniors. In response to changing community needs due to COVID-19, they’ve focused on helping isolated Canberrans with personal and clinical care, safe medical transportation, essential shopping support, complex case management and client well-being check ins.


Every second day, a team of volunteers at Northside Community Services is calling over 600 Canberrans to check in on them. If they can’t make contact twice in a row, they undertake a home visit to ensure people are safe and well in their homes. In the week before Mother’s Day, they delivered an incredible 160 activity boxes to community members, including women and families in supported housing, older clients who were unable to see their family, and people feeling the period of isolation. This is just one example of the work charities are doing to ensure the wellbeing of individuals and boost social connection in this difficult time. You can find out more about Northside Community Services at their website.

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