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Andrew Leigh Honoured to be Appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister


Andrew Leigh Honoured to be Appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister

Member for Fraser, Andrew Leigh, today said he was honoured to be appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister.

“I am humbled at the chance to contribute further to the Australian Government’s reform agenda,” Dr Leigh said.

“I come from a family that believes a life of community service is a life well-lived. It’s a privilege to serve in the federal parliament, and to work every day for a better, fairer, more prosperous and more just future.

“At street stalls and community events, I am constantly reminded of how important a Labor Government is to improving the lives of my constituents.

“Whether it’s the person with a disability who will finally get the care they deserve, or the child in a disadvantaged neighbourhood whose school has received the investment they need, our Labor Government has helped change lives for the better.

“Over the next six months, I will be fighting alongside the Prime Minister and the Labor team to make sure these achievements endure.”

Andrew Leigh will be sworn in at a ceremony at Government House today, at 3.30pm


  1. RJ says:

    Congratulations Dr Leigh – though I have to call you out on your cringe-worthy joke. `Honoured’ now that you’re `the Honourable Dr Andrew Leigh MP’?

    Best wishes in your new role

  2. Trish says:

    Now you’re in a better position to lobby the PM on behalf of your constituents, you can tell her that Newstart allowance is NOT ENOUGH to make a new start – looking for good work can take more than a year in this place. You spend a lot of time fretting about money to pay bills, it takes your concentration away from the main task of looking for work. Raise the allowance.

  3. Diana says:

    Congratulations Andrew!

    So happy that you have this opportunity to step up and expand your career while serving the nation.

    Take good care of yourself and be sure to enjoy a balanced life over the coming 6 months.

    Kind regards

  4. Diana says:

    Further to my comment above . . .

    If you set out to be “FIGHTING alongside the PM”(para 6), that is exactly the way it will be.Remember,’as ones thinking is such one becomes’.

    Please consider reframing your intentions with constructive, purposeful language. You CAN make a difference.

    • Hinton John Lowe says:

      Intellectual and rhetorical work needs to be done to demolish and replace the outworn metaphor of conflict (war, battle, fight, conquest etc.) which we have lived by, and with, for far too long. It goes with the pernicious framing of society and power as competitive, exclusionary, hierarchical patriarchy – which has surely already caused too much trouble – catastrophe? – for humanity. With respect to Gloria Steinem for the phrase: try linking, instead of ranking!

  5. Nick Lee says:

    Well deserved. I know you will make a positive difference. Congratulations.

  6. Hinton John Lowe says:

    Your appointment is some much needed good news. Congratulations! The Government needs to articulate and disseminate the contrast between the two major parties, including philosophical and ethical differences. For example, the right wing ideology of the Abbott led Libs construes and constructs the so-called ‘welfare’ system as a punitive sin bin to deter worker-consumers from non-compliance and deviation; whereas for Labour, it is, or should be, an expression of the moral principle of common dignity, and an enabling underpinning of equitable distribution of capabilities (in the Amatya Sen-Martha Nussbaum sense). I don’t think most Australians understand what is at stake in the political choice they will have to make in September – nor whose interests are actually represented and advanced by each of the major parties, respectively. And whose are not! Cui bono?

  7. Lynne Jenkins says:

    As one of your constituents in the Fraser electorate, I really am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED at your promotion to this key position. I’ve always known, right from the beginning of your time as an MP, that you would go far. Very well done, Dr. Leigh!