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With Valentine’s Day 2013 marking precisely seven months to the federal election, I thought it’d be fun to come up with a few #ElectionValentines (in the spirit of the #AuspolValentines tag that I ran on twitter last year).

Just put your message on Twitter with #ElectionValentines, and I’ll post the best ones here. Or if you’re not on Twitter, put your Election Valentine in the comments below.

And because Valentine’s Day is a time of love, no scratchy ones please.

A couple to get you started:

  • You’ve got my first preference. #ElectionValentines
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. You’ll always do better than my number two. #ElectionValentines
  • At the end of the day, you’re the only soul that counts. #ElectionValentines

Others have joined in:

  • @mimhoff I am swinging towards you #electionvalentines
  • @paulhoworth let’s be each other’s caretaker. Period. #electionvalentines
  • @reddishraven My branches were stacked from the moment I met you. You were parachuted into #1 on my ticket… #ElectionValentines
  • @laureningram I’ll campaign for your heart #ElectionValentines
  • @BK_Zer0 Will you form a Coalition with me? #ElectionValentines
  • @jack_brady Love early, love often #ElectionValentines
  • @sspencer_63 There’s no optional preferential in our relationship, only primary votes. #electionvalentines
  • @P_T_RYAN You hold the balance of power in my heart. #ElectionValentines
  • @chriskkenny: You are my first optional preference #electionvalentines
  • @MrDenmore (Down on one knee). I have a question without notice. #ElectionValentines
  • ‏@ALeighMP You’ve redistributed my heart to my mouth. #ElectionValentines
  • @trickibee I think we should move from a bicameral system to a single house.
  • @VincoFive Even if I wasn’t campaigning I’d want to kiss you, baby.
  • @MrDenmore I can promise you an extended honeymoon period
  • @CCC_ArtsEvents I wanna hold your hansard
  • @DooleyKate After years of donkeys, I prefer you
  • @johnwaynesdukes All my preferences flow to you.
  • @brookewylie “I elect you the representative of my heart”
  • ‏@ange_wilson There’s nothing marginal about my love for you
  • @MrDenmore Grow old with me and I’ll offer you Veterans Affairs
  • @raymarcelo “Have I polled you lately that I love you?”
  • @richardtuffin There’s no division in my heart. Your “eyes” have it!
  • @katinacurtis May our love be as long lasting as the count in a Hare-Clark voting system…
  • @SarahWiley8 You’ll always have a safe seat next to me
  • @Elias_Hallaj Will you be the wind beneath my left and right wings?
  • @significance “I may be a donkey, but the Robson rotation has no effect when you’re the only candidate for my heart”.
  • @BadenKirgan The pendulum has swung.
  • ‏@piedtyper888 You’re in like Flynn
  • @Macdonald_Steph A hundred votes would be too few.. to carry all my love for you
  • @swegen31 It’s bennelong time since I’ve felt this way
  • @Cheddared You’re a labor of love!
  • @katinacurtis My vote for your heart will always be valid
  • @SarahWiley8 You can be my minister for love
  • @P_T_RYAN Let’s pair.
  • @DaniBevins Hey baby, can I have your numbers?
  • @Macdonald_Steph You’ve captured an overall majority of my heart
  • @TheKouk Dote early and often
  • @laurie_ms I’d live in the other side’s safe seat for you
  • @sarahinthesen8 (aka Senator Sarah Hanson-Young) You ring my (Senate) bell
  • @TonyIKnow Q: Did you enjoy dinner? A: Yes. Q: Supplementary question; will you marry me?
  • ‏@imathew Labor’s red, Liberal’s blue, Greens are green… Nats are, too. Indies are grey, Dems yellow, betcha glad I’m your fellow.
  • @toddkirby I could write a 17 minute speech about why I chose you
  • @fairerfields Not even Estimates could question my love for you.
  • @2FBS Love Me, Love My Man Date #electionvalentines
  • ‏@wgcullen Love me tender, love me true, love me so I’ll vote for you
  • @significance let’s exchange preferences.
  • @StephenCena If polling be the food of love, give me excess of it
  • @deemadigan How do I love thee? Let me count the votes.
  • @KRuddMP Roses are red, violets are blue. If you don’t have a date, Question Time starts at 2 :) KRudd


    1. Elias says:

      Im so disappointed neither of my brilliant suggestions have made it onto your chart Andrew :)

    2. [...] (#Electionvalentines is some fun on twitter started by Federal MP Andrew Leigh) [...]

    3. Elias says:

      I want our caucus to be binding so let’s show & tell