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Nova Peris

On ABC666, I spoke with Adam Shirley about the challenge of balancing local ALP democracy with having a caucus that looks like the rest of Australia. While rank and file preselections are at the heart of the ALP, it’s also true that in twelve decades, that system has failed to put a single Indigenous Labor member into the federal parliament.

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One Comment

  1. Diana says:

    Hello Andrrew
    Can you pls help me to understand:
    1. Why NP was ‘invited’ to stand for the Senate in NT?.
    2. Why wasn’t the aboriginal woman (can’t remember her name, however, I think you’ll know who I mean!) with a sound and long term involvement in Aboriginal political matters in the Territory given an opportunity to put her hat in the ring? (I understand that she had mad her intention to stand for the Senate known some time ago).
    3. When did the criteria for selection to stand for a Senate seat stop being about the BEST political representative in favor of RACE?
    I am offended by JG’s arrogance and ignorance in determining – for us – just who it is that THE PEOPLE consider best for NT/Australia. Selection is best based in MERIT ie, a DEMONSTRATED ACTIVE CONCERN. If an aboriginal Australian is to step up and claim a seat in our Senate, they need to EARN it. If there is no aboriginal person ready to step up, so be it. They, like everyone else, has to wait their turn.
    BAD SHOW!!!