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Talking Gun Control

702 ABC Sydney with Richard Glover

2CC Breakfast With Mark Parton – 14 January 2013

I spoke with both Mark Parton and Richard Glover about Australia’s gun buy-back program. We chatted about Philip Alpers’ new paper for a Baltimore gun summit, and some of the issues it raised. Can population growth explain the increase in the number of guns in Australia? And has the number of households with a gun increased? Have a listen…

One Comment

  1. SSAA NSW says:

    Hi Andrew,

    SSAA NSW, who represent 44,000 licensed, law abiding firearm owners in NSW, would have loved an opportunity to respond to your op-eds published in the Sydney Morning Herald this week.

    Unfortunately, the SMH wouldn’t allow us to reply unless they could make wholesale changes to the article.

    This included quotes we didn’t make, information we didn’t cite and people we didn’t acknowledge. In fact they added over 180 new words to the article.

    I’m wondering what your thoughts on this are ??