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Sky AM Agenda – 14 January 2013

On the first AM Agenda for the year, I spoke with host David Lipson and Liberal Senator Mitch Fifield about how the declining tax/GDP share affects the government’s bottom line, why a profits-based mining tax beats royalties, and the complexities of providing arms to Syrian rebels.


  1. Dear Andrew; Labor cannot afford to get in a debate about ‘beating the Liberals on their own terms’ – promoting low taxes and small government. Labor can’t afford to deliver on Labor ideals on this basis and cannot afford to be ambiguous about it. We need stronger aged care with less user pays; We need to deliver on Gonski and NDIS; We need to correct past mistakes hurting sole parents and tightening Disabiity Pension eligibility; We need money for public infrastructure and services – Because PPPs just aren’t working and aren’t efficient… On the basis of small government we cannot move towards a more robust social wage – which surely should be the point of Labor Values. The alternative is a US-style discourse where ‘taxing and spending’ is stigmatised and progress becomes almost impossible. And we need someone like you to promote this agenda on a cross-factional basis – which I think you are positioned to do…

  2. nb: Halving dividend imputation could bring in over $10 billion; and removing superannuation concessions from the top 5% income demographic could bring in more than another $10 billion. Restructuring the MRRT could also bring in more money. Finding $30 billion out of a $1.6 Trillion Economy should not be that difficult; And from that $2 billion would be enough to fix Newstart.