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Talking Gun Control

On the Today Show, I discussed my academic paper (coauthored with Christine Neill) on the effect of the Australian gun buyback on reducing firearms deaths.

I also spoke on The Drum about the economics and politics of gun law reform.

And on A Current Affair about the fact that a culture of sports shooting can co-exist with laws that restrict the number of guns in Australian homes.

Here’s the podcast of a 12min interview on ABC774 with John Morrison, and shorter interviews on 2cc with Mark Parton and ABC666 with Ross Solly (a caller to that program questioned the US gun ownership rate – here’s the data).

Other coverage in the Canberra Times, SMH, ABC, Quartz and Washington Post.


  1. James Walker says:

    Link to the show?

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Mr. Leigh,

    I just watched the comments on a Current Affair on the gun laws. I trust your opinion, but thought being a former America I would put forward some information. By the way I love living here without any guns, but there is no way to have gun control the same way Australia does. The problem in the US is there is a broken border with Mexico. This horrendous broken border creates the complete difference between Australia and the US. Guns, drugs and no doubt alot of worst stuff comes across that gigantic broken border. When I lived in the States I did not own guns, but I understand the need for Legal Citizens to have the right to protect themselves. Most legal gun owners do not commit the crimes. The guns are taken by kids or someone else who uses them in a heinous way, but other than the killer in Colorado and a very few most people who legally have guns do not commit mass murder. In fact if you were to take guns completely away from law abiding citizens, the rate of murder and use of guns against legal citizens would be astronomical. The only things that curbs more crime is because criminals know if they break in someones house then the home owner may have a gun. There are far too many issues to contend with in the United States that you can not compare with Australia. Also included would be the mental health system. There is no health system let alone a mental health system. To say that the US could successfully implement gun laws like Australia would be impossible. That doesn’t include remotely possible. It would be impossible. Bad guys don’t turn in guns, only law abiding citizens. If you would ever like to ask me any queries, I spent 40 years living and growing up in California and understand the circumstances very well and am highly unbiased. I am glad to live here in the greatest country on earth, but I didn’t want to see you out on a limb, because unless you have been shot at or seen the violence first hand ( I have done both countless times) the reports are not accurate.