Australians wanted positive policies not three word slogans - Sky AM Agenda





SUBJECT/S: 2016 election; AAA credit rating; Labor’s positive plans for the economy.

KIERAN GILBERT: This is AM Agenda, with me now is Labor Frontbencher, Andrew Leigh. Andrew Leigh thanks for your time. Do you think Labor is still a chance of forming Government here?

ANDREW LEIGH, SHADOW ASSISTANT TREASURER: Absolutely, Kieran. Still the underdogs, still a longshot but you can see us coming home in a Leicester City finish here.

GILBERT: Did it frustrate you though that there was talk of Labor leadership on the Sunday? Clearly Mr Albanese was asked yesterday do you intend to challenge and he said no. So it has been shut down now, but the fact that that emerged on Sunday must have been frustrating given how Bill Shorten has proved so many people wrong in his performance in this election?

LEIGH: Kieran I think the only problem that Bill Shorten is going to have when he walks into the next room of Labor supporters is getting the applause to die down so he can speak. He has performed an extraordinary feat. It's like landing Juno on Jupiter what he has managed to pull off over the last three years. Getting us to work as a united team, putting the positive policies up and showing that what Australians really want is a political party with a plan rather than with a three word slogan.

GILBERT: Well a lot of people underestimated his performance, including myself ahead of the election. I think it's also true to say that some of your senior colleagues might have underestimated him as well?

LEIGH: I think people who didn't know Bill well enough might well have made that judgement. I've always thought that his core leadership strength was his emotional intelligence, his ability to bring together groups of diverse people. I've seen Bill engage with people with disabilities, with a guy washing dishes in the corner of a restaurant. I've seen him touch base with building workers and I've seen him engage confidently with CEO's. He is somebody who has that emotional intelligence and self-confidence to be able to work across - 

GILBERT: But he's still Opposition Leader isn't he and most likely to be? The most likely scenario is now that Malcolm Turnbull is still Prime Minister come next week and Bill Shorten for all the good performance is still the Opposition Leader, that's the bottom line?

LEIGH: That's the